Eliza of Little Queen

This is my lovely Labrador, Nicola.
She's always like a princess;)
That's why, her name is Eliza of Little Queen!!
This is an original rain coat for her.
Elegant, isn't it??
She struggled against a tumor on her eyelid.
She was very strong and got a more beauty:)
Celebrate Nicola's recovery present from operation.
(She doesn't like this cute strawberry hat..)
Nicola's BFF "Usagi-san" and "Nontan".
Nicola and Nontan.
Nicola loves sleeping with something fluffy.
Sometimes with her dolls and sometimes on the laundry! naughty girl!
In winter she hide her nose when she sleeps.
The Chinese astrology in "DOG", we tried to put kimono on her.
She seems feels very strange and was so in low spirit!lol
She'd never see the camera!!
Anyway, cute;)
LOVE you, my lovely Nico;)
Thank you for living with us for 16years.(2009.02.11)