2010 archive Furisode(振袖) One Shoulder Dress

Furisode(振袖) One-Shoulder Dress (SKY BLUE)

This kimono once a Furisode(振袖) kimono.
Furisode(振袖) is worn for unmarried lady's.
Bloom peony flowers and butterfly print on the pine tree silk jacquard.
This glossy silk with pine tree jacquard is pretty rare these days.
So I think this one maybe semi-vintage kimono.
And some of the butterflies are gild a trim with gold leaf.
I put crystals as a finish on this dress.

Apply black Ribbon Belt to accentuate the dress.
This Ribbon Belt made of mourning silk OBI(帯).

This kimono must be very expensive when it's tailored as a KIMONO.
Kimono print is always asymmetry.
The cuff buttons are SWAROVSKI.

Furisode(振袖) One-Shoulder Dress (PINK)

This kimono once a Furisode(振袖) kimono.
Chrysanthemum and pink gradation leaves print is vivid and unusual.
Soft texture silk with water current jacquard has a lively expression.
Luckily, I found OBI(帯) for belt,which color suits for this dress.
It's pink and seems pretty but still sexy one-shoulder style.
I will coordinate with something small metal gold clutch bag, gold earrings and gold sandal.
Must be very gorgeous❤

Close up Pictures of cuff and Ribbon Belt.
These buttons are SWAROVSKI.
Japanese embroidery gild a trim on the hem chrysanthemum print.
I still have been looking for gorgeous vintage kimonos.


2010 archive One-Shoulder Dress

Vintage Jyuban(襦袢) One-Shoulder Dress

This Kimono was once a Jyuban(襦袢).
Jyuban(襦袢) is worn between kimono and underwear.
Luckily this one was very good condition.
Also this texture is perfect❤
Kind of silk satin and very very soft fabric.
For design,I always LOVE one-shoulder style.
Many celeb wear one-shoulder dress on the red-carpet these days.
I wish somebody would wear my dress.

The other highlights are Ribbon Belt and SWAROVSKI button.
The Belt is a bit flexible size and you can use it for your style.
SWAROVSKI buttons are still tiny but radiantly.

This print probably arranged chrysanthemum.
Also this fresh orange color is very unusual for kimono.

This dress is absolutely one of my masterpiece.


2010 archive Long Dress

Back Ribbon Maxi Dress

This kimono once a little girl's kimono.
The motifs of this kimono are autumn maple leaves and chrysanthemums.
I didn't know and it means for the Autumn kimono.
It has vivid color and fancy print.
Girls kimonos are always my favorite.


Kuro-Tomesode(黒留袖) Culotte Maxi Dress

Made of conservative pine print Kuro-Tomesode(黒留袖).
The motifs of pine means wish of longevity.
Kuro-Tomesode(黒留袖) always worn for celebration.
It was hard to do a seam between pieces of this print.

Gray Jacquard Culotte Dress

It's hard to see this jacquard, looks like a dot jacquard.
This is my daily dress in this Summer.
Very soft texture is good for humid summer.


2010 archive MINI DRESS

One-Shoulder Mini Dress + Scarf

This was once really old and vintage KIMONO.
It liner was red and 2 cranes print on the hem.
The crane stay one partner in life and it's the symbol of happy marriage.
I really like this coloring and modestly pattern.
I wanted to made the most of this kimono's ability to modern style.
So I decided to put this pattern in the middle with crystals.
My suggestion is coordinate with a pair of boots with stiletto heels.

One-Shoulder Dress with BIG Ribbon

 Material is crisp moire silk.
It seems wasn't kimono but it was a kimono coat.
I like this dull purple color and crisp texture.

Blue version
Transparent material and cyan blue for summer dress.
How can you tell this was kimonos or not?
It's easy.
All kimonos have only 36cm width.

One-Shoulder mini Dress

Tied a ribbon on the shoulder.
Size is a bit flexible.

Drape Top

Remains of above and below dress.
Rustle textile is good for summer.

Jumpsuits from Kimono

It's very soft and rustle kimono.
Also looks like pink leopard print.
I put three ribbons on it. Belt and back hem.

Long Drape Top

Soft and shinny satin from summer mourning kimono.
Coordinate with bring bring accessory.
I found this leggings only $5 at H&M.

Shirring Cami Top

It was hard to find matching color and fabric together.
I made another Cami and tunic from same kimono once.