2011 KIMONO Collection for Spring

Vintage Plum Kimono Coat
I found this "Haori"(kimono coat) at the end of last year.
It's vintage but no damage, has beautiful plum pattern.
The plum pattern kimono is wearing in February.
So good for wearing it now.(I'd better wearing this at Setubun)
So I tried to make my coordinate kimono style.
Accessories are red and black would be chic.
Looks cute in Spring.
Pink×Gray is my favorite.
I prefer coordinate with black accessories.
Put handmade SWAROVSKI brooch on OBI.
I changed to red clog thong and crystallized them.
Cute aren't they??

Vintage Pine Tree KIMONO
I got this from my aunt and I like it.
And I have been thinking about the coordinate for this kimono.
I still have looking for OBI for this kimono.
Looks nice wearing at New Year.
Pine tree and hexagon pattern are good luck charm in Japan.

Gradation Chrysanthemum KIMONO
Cute isn't it??
I got this kimono and OBI at a good bargain.
And this OBI is VERY useful!!
I put some purple accessories for the accent.
Instead of kimono coat, mink fur shawl would be good.
And put SWAROVSKI brooch on the collar, add my sliver little purse.
That is so perfect!

Blue Plum and Peony Kimono Coat
I was interested in this Kimono Coat.
I have been looking for the coordinate with it.
Kimono coordinate is always good with using opposite color.
It will be vivid and gorgeous coordinate in spring.
A bit mature for me??

I haven't tried to wear these and they are still in my closet.
I have to  make the chance to wear kimono!

I'll be upload "Furisode" or "Summer Kimono" someday.