2010 archive Furisode(振袖) One Shoulder Dress

Furisode(振袖) One-Shoulder Dress (SKY BLUE)

This kimono once a Furisode(振袖) kimono.
Furisode(振袖) is worn for unmarried lady's.
Bloom peony flowers and butterfly print on the pine tree silk jacquard.
This glossy silk with pine tree jacquard is pretty rare these days.
So I think this one maybe semi-vintage kimono.
And some of the butterflies are gild a trim with gold leaf.
I put crystals as a finish on this dress.

Apply black Ribbon Belt to accentuate the dress.
This Ribbon Belt made of mourning silk OBI(帯).

This kimono must be very expensive when it's tailored as a KIMONO.
Kimono print is always asymmetry.
The cuff buttons are SWAROVSKI.

Furisode(振袖) One-Shoulder Dress (PINK)

This kimono once a Furisode(振袖) kimono.
Chrysanthemum and pink gradation leaves print is vivid and unusual.
Soft texture silk with water current jacquard has a lively expression.
Luckily, I found OBI(帯) for belt,which color suits for this dress.
It's pink and seems pretty but still sexy one-shoulder style.
I will coordinate with something small metal gold clutch bag, gold earrings and gold sandal.
Must be very gorgeous❤

Close up Pictures of cuff and Ribbon Belt.
These buttons are SWAROVSKI.
Japanese embroidery gild a trim on the hem chrysanthemum print.
I still have been looking for gorgeous vintage kimonos.