2010 archive Long Dress

Back Ribbon Maxi Dress

This kimono once a little girl's kimono.
The motifs of this kimono are autumn maple leaves and chrysanthemums.
I didn't know and it means for the Autumn kimono.
It has vivid color and fancy print.
Girls kimonos are always my favorite.


Kuro-Tomesode(黒留袖) Culotte Maxi Dress

Made of conservative pine print Kuro-Tomesode(黒留袖).
The motifs of pine means wish of longevity.
Kuro-Tomesode(黒留袖) always worn for celebration.
It was hard to do a seam between pieces of this print.

Gray Jacquard Culotte Dress

It's hard to see this jacquard, looks like a dot jacquard.
This is my daily dress in this Summer.
Very soft texture is good for humid summer.