2010 archive One-Shoulder Dress

Vintage Jyuban(襦袢) One-Shoulder Dress

This Kimono was once a Jyuban(襦袢).
Jyuban(襦袢) is worn between kimono and underwear.
Luckily this one was very good condition.
Also this texture is perfect❤
Kind of silk satin and very very soft fabric.
For design,I always LOVE one-shoulder style.
Many celeb wear one-shoulder dress on the red-carpet these days.
I wish somebody would wear my dress.

The other highlights are Ribbon Belt and SWAROVSKI button.
The Belt is a bit flexible size and you can use it for your style.
SWAROVSKI buttons are still tiny but radiantly.

This print probably arranged chrysanthemum.
Also this fresh orange color is very unusual for kimono.

This dress is absolutely one of my masterpiece.