2009 archive PURPLE to BLACK

One Shoulder Long Dress

Reclaim long dress from old Tome-Sode(留袖)
The luxurious splendor gold and silver crane means longevity.
put acrylic beads around the neck line.
Coordinate with long gloves and fur.

Cami Ruffle Dress

Once a mourning KIMONO.
Put corsage and accessory, changes to LBD.
I like flared skirt hem.

Tube Top Long Dress

Once a Tome-Sode(留袖).
Very unusual print for KIMONO.
Has been sold in Moscow.


Flower Print Cami Dress

White flower print on cloud jacquard vintage textile.
Put lots of CRYSTALS on it.
Looks more gorgeous!

ORI-ZURU(折り鶴) Cami Dress

Waves and seashell jacquard textile with ORI-ZURU(折り鶴) print.
Wide elastic around high waist.
Put CRYSTALS on some prints.
Long and Lean silhouette dress.